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Feline Safe


Quality care in your own home






My name is Jeremy Pullar and I have lived in the Grange and Blackford areas of Edinburgh for the past twenty years.  Having owned cats for 30 years I am fully aware of how stressful it can be organising trustworthy care for your beloved pet whilst you go on holiday or away for a weekend.  Having struggled with a number of catteries over the years I found that a good cat sitter is worth their weight in gold.  I realise that a cat is happiest in it's own environment - this results in a happy owner. I also know the importance of having trust in the person, who is not only caring for your cat but who also has access to your home.

I am a retired Police officer having completed 30 years service.  My core values are honesty and integrity which I hope will provide my customers with the assurance that both their cat and home are in safe hands. 


Area Covered

I cover the areas of the Grange, Blackford, Sciennes, Marchmont, Morningside and the Hermitage areas of south Edinburgh.



You choose the frequency of my visits to your house - just drop your keys off and I will do the rest.  When I do attend I will visit for 1/2 an hour and I will feed your cat, check it's water, clean the litter tray and play with your cat.  Any special requirements like brushing your cat etc then please just ask. If you have any additional cats there is no extra fee (up to 3 cats).  I will also check the security of your home and can move mail from behind your door and open/close curtains etc to give the impression that the house is inhabited.

If you are interested in using my services please get in touch.   

Feline Safe is a fully insured business.

Additional Services

I can also provide the same service for your rabbits, hamsters, gerbils etc.  

If you have an older dog or a younger puppy who are unable to use dog walking services I provide a 'let out' service where I can come to your home, let your dog out into your garden and I will feed/play with your dog as well.  Let me know what your requirements are.



Single 1/2 hour daily visit - £13

Double 1/2 hour daily visit - £24

Key uplift - £10 

(if you are unable to drop your keys off)


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